The Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow

Theatres, Parks and Mars: 12 real places that are now virtual

A trip to the US National Parks, a tour of Disney World, a visit to beautiful theaters around the world, a flight to Mars and everything is for free

The days are passing and as it seems we are gathering into our homes for an unlimited period and with much hope in the heart that the lockdown will end before we go crazy. Between binging on Netflix movie series and VOD movies, reading books or magazines, cooking, family quality time, laughs, shouts, noise, and the silence of the night, we've collected 12 fabulous journeys of the world for you, that can entertain you for just a few minutes or many Hours. Excursions, virtual tours, museum visits and many other adventures awaits you.

Prepare yourself, in the virtual world there are no boundaries, you can leave home anytime, you can fly anywhere in the world and it even doesn't cost too much money. In fact, it cost nothing. Make yourself comfortable, put your headphones on and chill out for a moment. If you are with the kids, put a headset on them and send them on an adventure too.

  1. 1. The hidden worlds of the national parks

The United States National Parks can keep entire families busy for months on trips and transitions between the various landscapes. In this project, real rangers will take you on a walking tour and share with you the secrets of the beautiful parks. Stories about soil, plants, animals and the uniqueness of these places. The pictures are great and the project itself is exceptionally made. Have a Nice trip >>

choose one and forget about everything
  1. 2. Dramatic virtual tours of stages around the world

Did it ever happened to you that you came to see a show in one of the most famous theaters in the world where opera, dance, performance or other interesting art occurs, only to find out that what happens on stage is not necessarily the most interesting thing in space, since the building you are in is much more interesting? Google has created virtual tours of some of the most beautiful theater halls around the world, including the stages, the stairs, the corridors, and other details to discover during the visit. Where else will you have the opportunity to visit the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, Carnegie Hall in New York and the National Theaters of Seoul and Sao Paulo? Give our regards to the dancers and hugs to the actors >>

Teatro Bibiena, Mantua
  1. 3. Louvre’s online tours

Many museums around the world have found the current situation to be a great opportunity to promote virtual tours on their online sites. Among the museums is the Louvre Museum in Paris, with some of the world's most famous works of art. You can choose any of their three tours about Egyptian, Middle Ages or Decorative Art and get to know the exhibitions alongside the explanations. History studies hasn't killed anyone yet >>

The ceiling at the Apolo gallery, louvre Museum
  1. 4. Cliffs of Mohar, Ireland

This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in western Ireland. Here you will find incredible 360-degree sunset photos, photos hovering over the ridge as well as discover more about the animals of the area and the geology and history of the place. Looks like it’s cold up there, take your jumper.

Sunset at Moher Cliff
  1. 5. Disney world 360 Degree Panoramas

Two years ago, the Google Street View team toured the various Disney World parks in Florida, USA, and today the footage is finally gaining importance. Until recently Disney World invited those who were planning to tour the park, to plan their visit using this site. But today it is a completely different experience! Beyond the hiking tour, all parts of each park appear on the site and it is here that you can start your day with an imaginary trip or start planning your real trip with the kids >>

  1. 6. Frozen ride, Disney World

And if you're already at Disney World, aren't you going to see the Frozen facility? Fun Family Florida uploaded their full gondola tour to the Frozen set. The five-minute tour includes the characters, the sounds and it sure is a bumpy ride. Don’t miss it >>

The Frozen ride
  1. 7. Guggenheim museum virtual tour

If you are familiar with the Guggenheim Museum in New York, you probably know that it is built in a circular shape and walking it can cause dizziness! Together with Google, the museum has published a full virtual tour where you can watch the art and avoid the dizziness of a real tour and more importantly, feel that you are actually in New York >>

Out of the Guggenheim virtual tour
  1. 8. Free Broadway shows

The BroadwayHD site, which operates as a streaming service for all-time Broadway shows, has in the last few days offered subscriptions to a free one-week trial. How many plays can you see in seven days? Your browsing trial may even give you a chance to get yourself listed in the Guinness Book of Records, it all depends on you. To sign up and view plays >>

Musicals at BroadwayHD
  1. 9. Monterey Bay Aquarium

Medusas, corals, fish, sea turtles and many other animals are all waiting for you to virtually view them at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. Whilst it is a bit of a long ride, it is however worth it! A video of the animals in motion, the fascinating stories about underwater life, pictures, varieties of fish, some you may not have heard of and everything in beautiful color. Go for a little swim >>

Waiting for you at the aquarium
  1. 10. Virtual visit to the British Museum.

The most advanced virtual experience is in the British Museum. The work is represented through ‘points’ on a timeline and you move between them and open them one by one to find out what's behind them. Divided by continents, you can zoom down the length of the world where floating ‘points‘ in the air, which at first glance might mimic bacteria, are in fact depicting historical works of art and their location across the world. We are waiting to hear which piece you love most >>

The interactive British Museum
  1. 11. Access Mars: a WebVR experiment

Everything is ready, just click the link and you're on your way to Mars. Google and NASA have created a crazy experience where they will launch you into space, land you on Mars and let you discover the surface of the planet. It all sounds a bit far-fetched, we know, but in 2011 NASA's space vehicle landed on Mars to find out if it had ever been alive. The data, photos and all sorts of detail from the space trip are packed into a virtual reality experience that you can experience through your screen. This is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity. Waiting to hear how was it >>

Prepare yourself, you are going to Mars
  1. 12. Great Wall of China Travel Guide

In conclusion, it's time to go for an unusual visit to the Chinese wall. It is true that some might argue that it is a bit dangerous right now for a visit, however it is the number one attraction in China, known as a 3,000-mile-long world wonder. You can skip over the wall, be impressed by its size and scenery, breathe clean and clear mountain air. Essentially everything you might ever need is contained in the virtual tour. *The tour was filmed a long time ago and the people appearing in it do not have the corona virus.

Safer days of the Great Wall of Chine

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